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Welcome to our Structural Engineering Blog! I’m Paul McEntee, Engineering R&D Manager at Simpson Strong-Tie. We’ll cover a variety of structural engineering topics here that I hope interest you and help with your projects and work. Social media is “uncharted territory” for a lot of us (me included!), but we here at Simpson Strong-Tie think this is a good way to connect and even start useful discussions among our peers in a way that’s easy to use and doesn’t take up too much of your time.

Please help us make this a lively and useful forum by commenting on our posts (take a look at our How To Post A Comment page and our Community Guidelines for guidance). And please subscribe – you will receive an email with our most recent post (usually once a week).

Thanks for stopping by; I hope you enjoy our posts and take part in the conversation.

10 thoughts on “Welcome to the Structural Engineering Blog

  1. I am having a problem subscribing to this blog and am not accepted.  Let me know if I have joined.  Thank you.

  2. I think this is a great idea! I’ve always held Simpson in high esteem due to their progressiveness, and easy to use product catalogs.  It makes the Structural Engineer’s life much more easy. (Especially in Florida).

  3. I have become enamored with Simpson’s wood screws and use them whereever I  can. If I retrofit a patio cover, I use custom design plate as gussets to tie posts to the colums and I specify SDS screws rather than bolts, as I would have done some
    months ago.  Thank you, especially for these screws.

  4. Dear Mr. Paul McEntee, Iam Balamurugan from South India. We are a pre engineered steel building manufacturing company ( FeNerve Building). We have one ongoing project of Mezzanine with steel deck. Its a constructed PEB building, we go for new mezzanine columns inside the building for the new mezzanine structure. The Existing floor concrete is a PCC, is it possible to go by anchoring techniques in that project ( the floor ht : 4″). Can u give a suggestion.

    Balamurugan Maruthupandian

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