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In my previous life as a building designer, I occasionally saw some creative installations of Simpson Strong-Tie products. These usually came in the form of an RFI where the contractor was asking for forgiveness for a misinstallation. However, this week’s post pays tribute to the creativity and ingenuity of our customers. The following photos are some of my favorite interesting applications and creative uses of our products. Some are purely utilitarian, which describes most of the aftermarket automotive uses. Others have a unique beauty while solving a problem or filling a need. Some are truly works of art and the rest are just plain silly. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Tell us which picture is your favorite by posting a comment, or tell us about an interesting application or creative use for Simpson Strong-Tie products you’ve seen. We’ll be awarding five commenters with a Simpson Strong-Tie Prize Pack via random drawing (one entry per person, please). Details and rules here.

1.Michelangelo’s “David” if Simpson Strong-Tie existed in the 1500’s. The piece was envisioned by artist Bob Klammer, and Barc Simpson liked it so much he had it commissioned. Photo credit: Joe Way, Simpson Strong-Tie

2. Top Flange Hanger Spoiler Bracket – “Well, the catalog said it resists wind uplift loads. . .”. Photo credit: David B. Pendley, Building official

–> 3. Remember to Drop, Cover, and Hold On! Photo credit: Alan Hanson, Simpson Strong-Tie

4. Three PHD5 connectors anchor a sign at The Mystery Spot in Santa Cruz, CA. Photo credit: Stan Sias, Simpson Strong-Tie

5. Mike Argyle’s high-flying winner of the Simpson Strong-Tie 2006 Engineered Art Contest. Photo credits: Joe Way, Simpson Strong-Tie

6. SDWS Structural Wood Screw – Use #64: Bird house perch. Photo credit: Emory Montague, Simpson Strong-Tie

7. Truss coffee table designed by Mike Thompson as a student studying Civil Engineering. Photo credit: Mike Thompson

8. HD Trailer Hitch Adapter – When you put a lift kit on your truck, but not your boat trailer. Photo credit: Anonymous, Simpson Strong-Tie

9. Post Cap/Base Teeter-Totter – BMX bike handlebars salvaged (er. . .sold) separately. Photo credit: Alan Hanson, Simpson Strong-Tie

10. Here’s to a “bullish” 2013 for engineers and the construction market! Photo credit: Joe Way, Simpson Strong-Tie

– Paul

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34 thoughts on “Vote For Your Favorite “Creative Use of Our Product” Photo For A Chance To Win!

    •  My personal favorite is “not pictured” and is an MSTA folded seven or eight times to fit the profile of the header and used as a substitute for the legitimately tested for the use LSC. But if I have to vote, I like #3.

  1. #7 Trailer-Hitch Adapter. You just know some contractor was like,”What the fishin’ trip’s tomorrow? But I haven’t figured out how to hitch the boat to the new 4×4!…Well I got one-a these…ya’ think it’ll work jim-bob?”

  2. I can’t even begin to describe how envious I am of number 3.  I want that desk so bad.  At least I need the plans so I can build it myself.  That is by far the best, at least to this engineer.

  3. # 3 is by far the best.  It includes the best variety of products put into use, is actually useful and functional, and it looks great.  If I was crafty enough, I’d build one for myself!

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  6. By far number 3 is the best. They are all great feats of Engineering and are all worth more than an honorable mention. But those desks are good all across the US. On the west coast for earthquakes, the east coast for hurricanes, and for tornado alley they would sell like crazy.

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