How Getting an MBA Can Help You Elevate Your Engineering Career

How Getting an MBA Can Help You Elevate Your Engineering Career

In case you missed it, Damon Ho, the segment market manager for Prefabricated Lateral Systems at Simpson Strong-Tie, joined The #StructuralEngineering Channel podcast as a special guest. During the podcast, Damon discussed how getting an MBA can benefit an engineering career and the types of careers that engineers with an MBA can pursue. He received his B.S. in architectural engineering and MBA from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. After practicing structural engineering, he later obtained his master’s in civil engineering from the University of Canterbury, New Zealand.  

Damon Ho at PCBC Tradeshow
Damon Ho at PCBC Tradeshow

The podcast emphasized that an MBA provides new skills, like being able to interact with people outside of engineering, and helps engineers realize opportunities are that are available worldwide. The podcast also noted that marketing and organizational behavior concepts have a technical merit behind them that work well with technical-minded engineers. An education in these concepts and ways of thinking provides a new language that engineers can apply to engineering skills and concepts.

Damon Ho, segment market manager for Simpson Strong-Tie
Damon Ho, segment market manager for Simpson Strong-Tie

Damon mentions how “hearing the many different points of view from many diverse people helps you to have a much broader perspective on things.” Finally, he pointed out that it is easier for engineers to fit into an MBA program than it is for someone with a business background to start an engineering program. Remember, however, that a degree is just a piece of paper on the wall until you do something with it. 

The podcast discusses the following questions: 

  • Why did you decide to pursue a career in engineering, and how did you identify and find your niche in the industry?
  • How do you know which engineering discipline is right for you, and what careers can engineers with an MBA pursue?
  • What are some of the benefits of getting an MBA after you graduate as an engineer?
  •  What made you decide to go for an MBA, and how has it helped you in your engineering career?
  • Why do you think saying yes to opportunities in your career is important?
  • Why is it important for engineers to have a mentor or a role model in their careers?

Do you have any career advice for structural engineers? 

You can watch this episode below. This episode is now available on the Structural Engineering Channel website and most streaming services. 

MBA for Engineers: How It Can Elevate Your Career 

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