Rebuilding with Simpson Strong-Tie Products After Hurricane Sandy

Our factory in Gallatin, TN held a Fastener Summit Meeting this past June, which brought together people from all areas of our fastener business. Somewhere, sometime we started calling these meetings “Summits” and the name stuck. The purpose of the Summit is to facilitate candid discussions about what we need to do to better support our customers’ needs through new product development, new application testing, literature, training, or sales distribution.

One of our fastener sales specialists shared a great story about a New Jersey town’s decision to build a better boardwalk following Superstorm Sandy. The town of Seaside Heights decided to design and build a boardwalk to better address future storms. Along with being a local icon, the boardwalk is an integral part of the town’s economy.

Seaside Heights boardwalk rebuild.
Seaside Heights boardwalk rebuild.

Working hand in hand with the town’s borough officials, the project’s engineering firm and contractor, our Columbus, OH branch worked to tirelessly to develop construction solutions to save time and money on this critical project. For Simpson Strong-Tie, this involved testing and ramping up production of stainless steel product to ensure no delays for the project.

A little over two months after Seaside Heights Mayor Bill Akers drove the first deck board screw using our Quik Drive auto-feed screw system, the boardwalk was complete. NBC’s Today Show broadcast live from the boardwalk with New Jersey Governor Chris Christie on May 24. There’s also a cool video on the New York Fox News website showing different time lapse views of the build here.

Seaside Heights Mayor Bill Akers drive in the first screw.
Seaside Heights Mayor Bill Akers drives in the first screw.
The Today Show airs live from the reconstructed boardwalk.
NBC’s Today Show airs live from the reconstructed boardwalk.

You can read the full story in the July issue of our Structural Report newsletter.

– Paul

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Paul McEntee

Author: Paul McEntee

A couple of years back we hosted a “Take your daughter or son to work day,” which was a great opportunity for our children to find out what their parents did. We had different activities for the kids to learn about careers and the importance of education in opening up career opportunities. People often ask me what I do for Simpson Strong-Tie and I sometimes laugh about how my son Ryan responded to a questionnaire he filled out that day: Q.   What is your mom/dad's job? A.   Goes and gets coffee and sits at his desk Q.   What does your mom/dad actually do at work? A.   Walks in the test lab and checks things When I am not checking things in the lab or sitting at my desk drinking coffee, I manage Engineering Research and Development for Simpson Strong-Tie, focusing on new product development for connectors and lateral systems. I graduated from the University of California at Berkeley and I am a licensed Civil and Structural Engineer in California. Prior to joining Simpson Strong-Tie, I worked for 10 years as a consulting structural engineer designing commercial, industrial, multi-family, mixed-use and retail projects. I was fortunate in those years to work at a great engineering firm that did a lot of everything. This allowed me to gain experience designing with wood, structural steel, concrete, concrete block and cold-formed steel as well as working on many seismic retrofits of historic unreinforced masonry buildings.

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