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Trainer to the Pros — How Simpson Strong-Tie Educates the Industry

Did you know that Simpson Strong-Tie offers free education and training to the construction industry?

Indeed, we do. For several decades, Simpson Strong-Tie has made a commitment to supporting the development of our industry, and each year we educate tens of thousands of industry pros — engineers, architects, dealers, contractors and building inspectors — about the latest building code updates and best construction practices.

Our regional training centers offer workshops providing solution options to meet current construction industry challenges, with instruction on proper specification, correct installation and the inspection of connectors and structural systems. Many of the courses include opportunities for hands-on installation and testing demonstrations of Simpson Strong-Tie products. Additionally, we offer courses on topics — such as changing construction practices, or building to resist seismic forces or high winds — of particular relevance to specific geographic regions.

This commitment to education sets us apart within the manufacturing industry, and it’s an aspect of our customer service in which we take great pride as a company.

Why does Simpson Strong-Tie offer training to construction industry professionals?

Simpson Strong-Tie has been designing and manufacturing construction solutions for more than sixty years, with the goal of helping people build safer structures. Construction is an industry we’re deeply committed to, and we take our responsibilities as a building manufacturer very seriously. All our training efforts are ultimately focused on improving construction quality and the overall strength and safety of structures.

More specifically, we want to make sure the right products are specified and that they’re installed correctly, for the safety of the building occupants and the reputation of all our partners — specifiers, contractors and dealers.

Besides all the good business reasons to build lasting relationships with our customers, we have a passion for education and feel an obligation to support the industry and communities that have contributed to our success over the decades.

What topics does Simpson Strong-Tie cover in its training?

We cover a very broad range of topics of use to designers, installers, building officials, and other construction professionals. What follows is a modest sample of current course offerings:

But really there’s no limit to the number. Our topics reflect the feedback of our customers. Where there’s a need, we create a course.

Is it easy for industry professionals to access training from Simpson Strong-Tie?

We do everything we can to make training as accessible as possible. We have regional training centers across North America, and we have specialists in every region who are available to visit your company for in-person instruction.

In addition to our live workshops and presentations, we also offer live and recorded webinars and a wide range of online courses that are available for credits.

What does the course participant gain from the training?

First of all, the training gives customers a complimentary and convenient source of practical knowledge about the finer points of their jobs.

Our courses are facilitated by knowledgeable instructors with a passion for providing substantive education, often in tandem with registered engineers who provide in-depth technical expertise in the subject matter. “The workshops are very interactive,” explains Charlie Roesset, Director of Training for Simpson Strong-Tie. “Depending on the course, students may have the opportunity to view product samples or take part in product testing and installations.”

“There’s no other manufacturer who provides such extensive training programs,” according to Roesset. “Specifiers and building officials have come to rely on these courses to keep abreast of the latest code updates and technical information.”

Furthermore, the courses provide an excellent means for customers to earn professional credits within their field.

Can participants receive PDHs and CEUs for completing courses?

Yes. Training participants receive a certificate of attendance with professional development hours (PDHs) at the end of each workshop, and may earn continuing education units (CEUs) by completing additional requirements, such as a test at the end of the course. All of our on-demand courses offer PDHs, and many offer CEUs, AIA Learning Units (LUs) and ICC CEUs.

Simpson Strong-Tie is a registered education provider with a number of industry organizations and associations including the American Institute of Building Design(AIBD), the American Institute of Architects (AIA), the International Code Council (ICC) and the International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET). Our courses are also accredited by a number of state or regional licensing organizations.

What is the cost of the courses?

Nothing! All our workshops, webinars and online courses are completely free of charge.

Why does Simpson Strong-Tie offer its training free of charge?

We believe it’s important that construction professionals understand our product solutions, their proper specification and installation, and their larger role in building strong, safe structures. We take pride in providing users not just with products, but with complete design and building solutions that include training and engineering support.

It’s one of the ways we try to give back to our customers, industry and communities.

What have participants had to say about the training we provide?

Response from participants in our courses has been very enthusiastic. Here’s a representative selection of their feedback:

“Todd was very thorough and knowledgeable. He understood our needs and interests and addressed those directly, without misusing our limited time.” – Gray H., structural engineer, Evansville, IN (Simpson Strong-Tie Anchor Designer Software— box-lunch product knowledge presentation)

“Absolutely impressed with the content, graphics, learning pace, and style. I love how individual issues are represented: with a graphic, photos, code references, and failure examples — all together. Wish all CE courses were like this!” – Daniel K., inspector, Zionsville, IN (Deck Inspection for New and Existing Construction— online)

“Simpson webinars have been very informative and are a valuable training tool for young engineers . . . please keep up the great work.” – Donald O., engineer, San Diego, CA (Upgrade Your Coiled Strap— webinar)

Where can I learn more about your training offerings?

To explore the range of our current offerings and register for a workshop or online course, visit or contact your local Simpson Strong-Tie representative at (800) 999-5099 to schedule a box-lunch presentation at your business. Have questions, or suggestions for new courses? Please email us at

Thank you, and keep on learning!

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