Building Safe and Strong with Flood-Resistant Construction Workshops

Flooding is one of the few natural disasters that occur commonly throughout all regions of North America. The causes of floods can differ depending on the region, but the impact is nearly always the same. Recent floods have caused billions of dollars in damage annually to structures near the coast as well as inland.

Over the last decade, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has tracked more than a dozen flood-related events with losses exceeding $1 billion across the United States.

In flood-prone regions, it’s important to design structures to resist the forces that may be encountered during a flood. The movement of water and debris necessitate unique design considerations. That’s why Simpson Strong-Tie has created a workshop focused specifically on reviewing requirements for safely building a home, deck, porch or boardwalk in a flood hazard area.

In this workshop, Simpson Strong-Tie flood mitigation experts walk participants through the process of determining the proper connections and solutions for resisting the loads and stresses caused by flooding.

After the workshop, attendees should be able to apply what they’ve learned to real-world situations. Workshop participants should expect to learn how to do all of the following:

  • Explain the principles of flood-resistant construction
  • Assess the degree and means of corrosion resistance needed in a flood hazard area
  • Design a system of key connections throughout the structure to resist flotation, collapse or permanent lateral movement from flooding
  • Select anchors, connectors and fasteners appropriate for connections at or below the Design Flood Elevation

We’re hosting the Flood-Resistant Construction workshop throughout the United States. This workshop is one of several IACET-accredited workshops provided by Simpson Strong-Tie. Click any of the following links to register:

August 21: Flood-Resistant Construction — Connections | Dubuque, Iowa

August 22: Flood-Resistant Construction — Connectors | West Chicago, Illinois

October 24: Flood-Resistant Construction — Connectors | West Chicago, Illinois

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