Introducing Two New Connectors for Mass Timber Construction: E20/3 Angle Bracket and MTWS Washer Strap

We’ve added two new connectors to our expanding lineup of brackets and straps for mass timber / CLT manufacturers, specifiers and contractors. Introducing the E20/3 angle bracket and MTWS mass timber washer strap.

Both connectors are pre-engineered and code listed for a variety of applications in cross-laminated timber (CLT) and other mass timber projects. Designed to simplify and speed installation, the E20/3 angle bracket and MTWS washer strap are widely available to buy off the shelf, making them a more cost-effective and convenient solution than expensive, custom-fabricated components.

Connect base-of-wall gaps up to 2″ with the E20/3 angle bracket

In mass timber construction, a gap is sometimes required to accommodate a sill plate or grout pad between a CLT wall and the concrete slab. With this consideration in mind, the engineers at Simpson Strong-Tie designed the E20/3 angle bracket with a tall, vertical leg that connects base-of-wall gaps up to 2″. The bracket is load rated for in-plane, out-of-plane and uplift loads. Installation is simple and fast using a variety of fasteners and anchors, like our Titen HD® heavy-duty screw anchor.

Typical E20/3 Installation at CLT Wall on Concrete Curb or Grout Pad
Typical E20/3 Installation at CLT Wall on Concrete Curb or Grout Pad

Achieve high loads with the versatile MTWS washer strap

Mass timber buildings have strap and holdown connections that often require two to three times the capacity of light-frame structures. In addition, these projects often utilize a hybrid of materials attaching to CLT. The MTWS washer strap from Simpson Strong-Tie does it all. Engineered for high strength and stiffness, the MTWS can be specified for CLT-to-CLT, CLT-to-concrete, and CLT-to-steel connections. Installation is fast with our Strong-Drive® SDCF Timber-CF screws and MTW45-8 washers, which allow the MTWS to achieve loads with fewer fasteners.

Typical MTWS (Mass Timber Washer Strap) Installation
Typical MTWS Installation

Solutions built for mass timber / CLT success

Like other products from Simpson Strong-Tie, the E20/3 angle bracket and MTWS washer strap are rigorously tested and proven to help people design and build safer, stronger structures. These connectors for mass timber / CLT projects are efficient, economical and widely available through our nationwide distribution network. They’re also backed by our expert service and on-call technical and field support.

Build your next mass timber / CLT project with connectors and fasteners from Simpson Strong-Tie. To learn more, visit or call (800) 999-5099.

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Author: Simpson Strong-Tie

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