Call for Papers: 22nd International Conference on CFS Structures

Guest blogger Jeff Ellis, engineering manager
Guest blogger Jeff Ellis, engineering manager

The Wei-Wen Yu Center for Cold-Formed Steel Structures has issued a Call for Papers for the 22nd International Conference on Cold-Formed Steel (CFS) Structures, to be held Nov. 5-6 in St. Louis, MO. The goal of the conference is to enable sharing of state-of-the-art information pertaining to CFS design.

Both engineering researchers and practitioners have provided valuable contributions to the conference. Past proceedings are available online.

International ConferenceResearchers and practitioners are encouraged to submit abstracts for consideration by the conference steering committee. Application-oriented topics highlighting innovations in CFS applications are strongly encouraged. The deadline is Dec. 31. Abstracts may be submitted by e-mail to

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Jeff Ellis

Author: Jeff Ellis

I’m a licensed Civil and Structural Engineer in California and several other U.S. states and have been a practicing engineer since 1991. Prior to coming to Simpson Strong-Tie in 2000, I was a design engineer for small and large commercial, institutional, residential, and forensic projects designing with wood, cold-formed steel, structural steel, masonry, and concrete. I began working at Simpson Strong-Tie as a southwest regional office branch engineer, then served as the branch engineering manager, and then managed our codes and compliance efforts. Currently, I’m the Director of Strengthening and leading our North American concrete and masonry strengthening efforts. I’ve written several articles and design guides and have served on several industry technical groups over the years including as SEAOSC board director and president, SEAOC Secretary, CALBO Structural Safety Committee member, ICC-ES Board of Managers, AISI COFS Lateral Design Subcommittee chair, president of CFSEI, and I’m currently the board chair for the U.S. Resiliency Council. It’s a pleasure to work with so many talented, dedicated, and passionate folks here at Simpson Strong-Tie and the industry striving to help create safer, stronger structures.

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